3 Types of Mold And Their Impact On Your Health

a closeup examination of black mold

Mold is like a silent intruder in your home, silently causing harm to your body without you even realizing it. But just like with any intruder, knowledge is power. In this article, we’ll uncover the three most common types of mold and the specific ways they can harm your health. What Is Mold? Molds are […]

Do You Need Mold Removal or Remediation? Everything You Need to Know

woman anguishing over mold on her wall

If you’re concerned about mold, it might be time to take action. There’s a lot of confusion about mold, whether or not it’s dangerous, and the best practices for getting rid of it.  So we decided to shed some light on people’s most common questions about mold. Read on to discover more about mold remediation […]